PEAL Engineering
and Construction Limited

PEAL is a renowned national Engineering, Construction and Project Management company in Bangladesh having expertise in the sectors of Oil and Gas, Civil and Water, Power and Telecommunication industries since 1983.

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Incident Free
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Providing World Class Services In Consulting, Engineering And Construction To Clients All Over The World

Our Vision

Establishing Ourselves As The Pioneering Energy And Infrastructure Contractor In Bangladesh​

Our Values


Innovating and pioneering initiatives to empower country and people


Honesty, respect and fairness are the principles of our company and people​


We believe in hard work and passion to overcome every challenges in our business


Our commitment is to our partners and clients to create long term relationship​


Our objective is to deliver only the best and set high standards of performance

Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mintu)

Chairman, PEAL Engineering and Construction Limited

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress over the last decades and has emerged as a rising tiger in the world economy. The nation's growth and economic development are heavily dependent on core infrastructure, particularly in energy and communications.

Bangladesh is at a critical juncture in its macroeconomic history, having invested close to $50 billion in the past 20 years to develop core infrastructure in oil and gas, water, power, and transportation. This has resulted in a consistent GDP growth of 6-7%, and additional investments are planned in alignment with our government’s Vision 2041, aiming for a 9% GDP growth by 2031.

We take great pride in PEAL's leading role in the progress of the oil and gas sector. Our partnerships with top global companies have been pivotal in developing some of our nation's most iconic energy assets.

While renowned international companies have traditionally been involved in public infrastructure projects in the energy sector in Bangladesh, the industry has undergone a significant transition in the past decade towards greater participation of local companies with enhanced competencies and modern technologies in infrastructure contracting.

PEAL has been at the forefront of this transformation, committed to best practices in management, quality, environment, and safety, and introducing technology-based projects in Bangladesh's oil and gas sector.

our Partners

Over the years, we have forged strong partnerships with government-owned gas exploration, transmission and distribution companies, international bodies for energy and numerous multinational companies in this sector. Our status as an enlisted and valued contractor to many top organizations in the industry is a testament to our continued commitment and expertise.


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